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An Eastern Phoebe being treated at the wildlife hospital

Found in a glue trap meant to capture insects, an eastern phoebe songbird was taken to Cornell’s Janet L. Swanson Wildlife Hospital after its rescuers attempted to free the creature from the powerful adhesive.
A tiny kit fox being cared for at the wildlife hospital


A tiny red fox kit was recently treated for a swollen paw at Cornell's Janet L. Swanson Wildlife Hospital. The fox is expected to make a full recovery.
A tiny kit fox being cared for at the wildlife hospital

A tiny red fox kit is getting world-class care at Cornell University’s Janet L. Swanson Wildlife Hospital. The four-to-six-week old baby was found with her paw caught in a plastic rat trap and Cornell’s wildlife health team is helping to heal the fox’s swollen paw and get the baby back to full health.
A student drawing that illustrates fish pathology

Cornell veterinary student Laura Donohue, DVM '22, showcases her artistic talent and passion for animals in a new book, "Wildlife Health and Disease in Conservation," featuring >100 illustrations depicting common wildlife disease cycles and their social, cultural and economic influences.
Bald eagle about to land on a dead tree.

With millions of chickens on commercial poultry farms sickened and dying from a highly virulent strain of avian flu in recent months, it might have escaped notice that some of the nation’s most stunning wild birds have also been felled by the virus.
Earth Day infographic on actions we can take to help the planet


Today is Earth Day! There are many ways to invest in our planet, and together, we can work to secure a healthier future for wildlife, people, and planet today and every day!
Two chickens in a barnyard

Dr. Elizabeth Buckles, assistant clinical professor and wildlife pathologist at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, says it's important to keep chickens and turkeys away from wild birds to prevent the H5N1 virus from entering our food supply.

After a decade of planning and over a year of construction, the Rosamond Gifford Zoo opened their new animal health center with the goal of providing education and transparency to visitors at the zoo.
Laci Taylor on JGI truck

In November 2019, my classmate, Hannah Padda, DVM ’22, and I were selected by Dr. Robin Radcliffe, a Cornell wildlife veterinarian and associate professor of practice in wildlife and conservation medicine, as two of six participants for his 2020 Engaged Cornell team....
A portrait of Dr. Emma Houck

The Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine welcomes new faculty member Dr. Emma Houck, assistant clinical professor in the section of zoological medicine.