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Katherine Zhou performing a medical procedure on a polar bear

I have met many conservationists who do not believe in keeping wildlife in captivity. However, the San Diego Zoo seems to win the hearts of both wildlife conservationists and those who work with captive wildlife. How does this zoo bridge the gap between the two?
Lesser short-nosed fruit bat

The COVID-19 pandemic can be traced back to a bat virus. Indeed, bats are known reservoirs for many dangerous viruses that can spill over to humans. To help prevent the next pandemic, Cornell’s Dr. Steve Osofsky and WCS’s Dr. Sue Lieberman argue that humanity must leave bats and their habitats undisturbed.
Hayley Murphy with gorilla


In this alumni spotlight, we sit down with Cornell alum Hayley Murphy, CEO of the Detroit Zoological Society, and discuss her career journey as zoological veterinarian and wildlife conservationist. 
Free-roaming dogs in Nepal

It was 5:30 am and I was already sweating when I stepped out of my wooden sleeping hut and into the steamy dawn at Nepal’s Chitwan National Park.  It was already 85°F but would reach 105°F before noon. I was up before the sun to complete my summer intern research project - a census of free-roaming domestic dogs in the park’s buffer zone....
Maggie Swift sitting on a rock in the field


We're excited to welcome Maggie Swift as a Cornell Atkinson Postdoctoral Fellow, who will use advanced computer modeling to simulate elephant movements in southern Africa that will make it easier to evaluate scenarios for integrative, sustainable land-use management.
Dr. Monica Atienza examining a juvenile Visayan Tarctic horbill and placing a leg ID band


Cornell veterinary student Ashley Broderick conducted field surveys and a wildlife health research project on endangered hornbill species to help aid veterinarians who care for hornbills worldwide.
Vulture flying close to the ground


Cornell's Dr. Martin Gilbert was interviewed for a Youth Geographic Association podcast about his journey into vulture conservation and ecology in Asia and Africa alongside his revolutionary research that tackled vulture population declines to help promote their recovery.
Amanda Bielecki in the lab holding up a sample


This past spring, Cornell veterinary student Amanda Bielecki, DVM '25, gave an oral presentation at the 79th Annual Northeast Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies conference about lead exposure in bobcats and fishers.
Carolina Baquerizo and team collecting fecal samples for the study

Working with primates is something I had avoided for a while. Most of my interest has been in southern Africa, with ungulates like giraffes, antelope, and pachyderms being my main focus. Yet I felt that, following the COVID-19 pandemic, learning more about wild primate health would be vital....
Steve Osofsky standing in front of elephants

The American Veterinary Epidemiology Society announced 10 new honorary diplomats during the annual meeting of the American Veterinary Medical Association this year, including Cornell's Dr. Steve Osofsky, DVM ’89.