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Blogs from the Field

A healthy future for wildlife, people, and planet.

A Calfornia Condor shown spreading it's wings while standing on a rock; Ken Bohn/San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance.

Thanks to lifted pandemic restrictions and funding from both the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance and the Cornell Wildlife Health Center Student Support Fund, I was able to travel to the opposite side of the country for the last six weeks of my clinical year for an externship at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in California....
Katherine Zhou performing a medical procedure on a polar bear

I have met many conservationists who do not believe in keeping wildlife in captivity. However, the San Diego Zoo seems to win the hearts of both wildlife conservationists and those who work with captive wildlife. How does this zoo bridge the gap between the two?
Colleen Sorge with anteater at the Abilene Zoo.

My experience as a first-year vet student in 2020 was largely shaped by the pandemic and the many limitations it imposed. When I first learned about the Abilene Zoo in April 2021, it was through a Cornell Zoo and Wildlife Society (ZAWS) lecture given by Dr. Stephanie Carle, the Abilene Zoo’s senior veterinarian, over Zoom....
Carolina's compares the size of her hand to an African elephant's foot.

As one of the seven natural wonders of the world, Victoria Falls draws travelers from around the world to experience the majestic shower of falling waters. After connecting with the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust (VFWT) and securing a position on their team, I began planning travels to a country I knew little about....