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Katie Fiorella profile picture

Environmental Scientist & Epidemiologist

Katie is an environmental scientist and epidemiologist focused on understanding the interactions among environmental change and community well-being, food systems, and nutrition.
Amandine Gamble profile picture

Disease Ecologist & Veterinarian

Amandine investigates what drives hosts’ contributions to pathogen dynamics across biological scales. She is particularly interested in emerging bat-borne viruses and their hosts, bacterial pathogens of endangered seabirds, and the identification of ecological interventions to reduce the threat of pathogens.
Dr. Rodman G. Getchell - February 2020

Aquatics Health Scientist

Rod has a broad background in fish health, with specific training and expertise in conducting experimental trials with a variety of fish species. His current research focuses on emerging pathogens of fish, including rhabdoviruses.
Martin Gilbert

Wildlife Veterinarian & Epidemiologist

Martin focuses on understanding how disease affects populations of tigers and other threatened carnivores, and uses his findings to identify practical measures to mitigate conservation impacts on species in the wild.
Laura Goodman profile photo

Diagnostic Molecular Scientist

Laura focuses on pathogen genomics, particularly antimicrobial resistance, tick-borne disease, and virus discovery. Her work at the intersection of human, animal, and environmental health informs public policy around infectious disease management by studying how pathogens adapt to their environments.
Brenda Hanley

Postdoctoral Researcher

Brenda uses mathematical modeling to augment our understanding of the patterns we observe in nature. She is currently using techniques of metadata analysis to assess if and how lead poisoning in bald eagles influences population abundance across the northeastern U.S. and Canada.
Nicholas Hollingshead

Data Analyst

Nick provides expertise in data collection, management, analysis, and communication to support disease surveillance and wildlife health research.
Cynthia Hopf-Dennis

Wildlife Veterinarian

Cindy focuses on treating wildlife patients at the Janet L. Swanson Hospital, teaching in the clinic, and pursuing her research interests, which include West Nile virus infections in birds of prey, sarcoptic mange in North American porcupines, and fracture management in avian species.
Alyssa Wetterau

Postdoctoral Associate

Alyssa is pursuing her doctoral training focused on the impacts of infectious disease on amphibian populations, and the implications for the conservation of threatened and endangered species.
Helen Lee

Conservation & Livelihoods Advisor

Helen focuses on wildlife health and conservation, and furthering the impact of One Health and Planetary Health approaches. She works on developing sustainable solutions to conservation and development challenges, with a particular focus on local communities.