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Cornell University


Rachel Abbott

Wildlife Veterinarian

Rachel is a wildlife veterinarian who focuses on zoonotic diseases and the interactions of wildlife, domestic animals, and people. Her primary research interest includes developing oral wildlife vaccines.
Noah Abou-Madi

Zoological Veterinarian

Noha focuses on the care and treatment of injured native wildlife at the Cornell University Janet L. Swanson Wildlife Hospital and at various zoological collections around the state. She conducts research and teaches zoological medicine to veterinary students and residents.
Shirley Atkinson

Wildlife Ecologist

Shirley’s focus is on wildlife health and conservation in large, transboundary landscapes. She works with a diverse range of partners in southern Africa to develop and apply solutions to land-use conflict at the interface of wildlife, livestock, and rural livelihoods.
A portrait of Karyn Bischoff with her cat.

Veterinary Toxicologist

Karyn works on improving our understanding of the human, animal and environmental relationship, the socioeconomic drivers of human-wildlife conflict and wildlife poisoning, and the impact of environmental contaminants in animals and the food chain. 
A portrait of Jennifer Bloodgood

Wildlife Veterinarian & Biologist

As both a wildlife veterinarian and biologist, Jenny has a broad interest in free-ranging wildlife health and disease, with a particular focus on pathology, infectious disease, and the interface of human and wildlife health.
A profile image of Elizabeth Buckles

Wildlife Pathologist

Elizabeth enjoys working with all species and is particularly interested in the comparative aspects of disease pathogenesis and diagnosis. Her major research and diagnostic interests involve diseases of avian and non-domestic animals, particularly those of free-ranging wildlife.
A profile image of Elizabeth Bunting

Wildlife Veterinarian

Elizabeth has been a wildlife and zoo veterinarian since 1999, and is focused on improving understanding of wildlife disease ecology through surveillance and research, with the goal of protecting and sustaining healthy native wildlife populations in New York State.
Sara Childs-Sanford

Wildlife Veterinarian

Sara's research interests focus on the identification and description of nutrition-related diseases in captive non-domestic animals, with the development of recommendations for monitoring, treatment, and prevention.
Melissa Fadden holding a lizard in a tropical location

Wildlife Health Program Aide

Melissa works with the New York Wildlife Health Program at Cornell’s Animal Health Diagnostic Center. She has worked with endangered, threatened, and special concern species in New York, and is particularly interested in reptiles, as well as the intersection between domestic animal and wildlife health.
Dr. Rodman G. Getchell - February 2020

Aquatics Health Scientist

Rod has a broad background in fish health, with specific training and expertise in conducting experimental trials with a variety of fish species. His current research focuses on emerging pathogens of fish, including rhabdoviruses.