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Cornell University


Jennifer Peaslee

Wildlife Health Program Coordinator

Jennifer is the communications and activities coordinator for the Cornell Wildlife Health Lab and assists other related programs. Her research interests include avian disease, insects, and arthropods.
Raina Plowright profile picture

Veterinary Epidemiologist & Disease Ecologist

Raina studies the mechanisms that drive the spillover of pathogens between species. Her transdisciplinary work demonstrates that preserving and restoring wildlife habitats can stop pathogen spillover by minimizing contact between wildlife and people as well as their livestock.
Robin Radcliffe

Wildlife Veterinarian

Robin’s work addresses critical One Health challenges linking endangered species, environments, and communities. He seeks novel solutions through stakeholder engagement.
Krysten Schuler

Wildlife Disease Ecologist

Krysten is interested in the health of wildlife populations as associated with human and domestic animal activities and diseases.
Maggie Swift profile photo

Postdoctoral Fellow

Maggie is an ecologist interested in using predictive modeling to analyze how different livestock fencing scenarios in southern Africa might impact the migrations of wild mammals, especially elephants.