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Amandine Gamble

Disease Ecologist & Veterinarian

Amandine investigates what drives hosts’ contributions to pathogen dynamics across biological scales, especially in wildlife and at the human-wildlife interface. She is particularly interested in emerging bat-borne viruses and their hosts, bacterial pathogens of endangered seabirds, and the identification of ecological interventions to reduce the threat of pathogens.

Amandine’s research integrates concepts and methods from ecology, epidemiology, and microbiology while using theoretical, observational, and experimental approaches in various study systems both in the lab and in the field. For example, some of her work involves tracking animal movements to see how they change across environmental conditions, and the impact that has on pathogen spread. Amandine collaborates with stakeholders to translate scientific outputs into sustainable, targeted solutions to thwart pathogen threats. By focusing on ecological interventions to mitigate infectious disease in wildlife, Amandine aims to have a bigger and more sustainable impact on wildlife health and, ultimately, on the health of the whole ecosystem.