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Bill Konstant at the book signing table.

Cornell alumnus Bill Konstant ‘74 visited Cornell to give a talk to students, alumni, faculty, and the general public based on his memoir, Wrestles with Wolves: Saving the World One Species at a Time, hosted by the Cornell Wildlife Health Center and the Zoo and Wildlife Society.
A sloth recovering from electrocution


This past summer, Cornell veterinary student Sophie Yasuda traveled to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, a beautiful beach town along the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, to work at the Jaguar Rescue Center.
Katherine Zhou performing a medical procedure on a polar bear

I have met many conservationists who do not believe in keeping wildlife in captivity. However, the San Diego Zoo seems to win the hearts of both wildlife conservationists and those who work with captive wildlife. How does this zoo bridge the gap between the two?
Hayley Murphy with gorilla


In this alumni spotlight, we sit down with Cornell alum Hayley Murphy, CEO of the Detroit Zoological Society, and discuss her career journey as zoological veterinarian and wildlife conservationist. 
Sarah Balik examines a sea turtle.


While she’s now nearing the completion of a two-year Veterinary Fellowship at the National Aquarium, Sarah Balik ‘15, DVM ‘19, clearly recalls experiences she had as a Cornell veterinary student that set her on her current path.
Dr. Nate LaHue examines a sedated bear.


As the son of two veterinarians, Nate LaHue, DVM ’13, was exposed to veterinary medicine his whole life, though his interests never meshed with small animal practice. It was during his undergraduate years that he realized he could combine his interest in veterinary medicine with his passion for wildlife.
Annual Open House at the Veterinary College scene with family and staff.

A beloved tradition returned to Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine this past week. After a three-year, pandemic-induced hiatus, the college invited the community to its 54th annual Open House.
Colleen Sorge with anteater at the Abilene Zoo.

My experience as a first-year vet student in 2020 was largely shaped by the pandemic and the many limitations it imposed. When I first learned about the Abilene Zoo in April 2021, it was through a Cornell Zoo and Wildlife Society (ZAWS) lecture given by Dr. Stephanie Carle, the Abilene Zoo’s senior veterinarian, over Zoom....
Danielle Sosnicki shown standing next to a bird sculpture.


Danielle Sosnicki is a Biomedical & Biological Sciences PhD Candidate in the Travis Lab at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. She is studying mechanisms that are involved in the maturation and function of sperm, with a concentration in Zoology and Wildlife Conservation.
Andrew Di Salvo with black bear cubs photo courtesy of PA Game Commission


Dr. Andrew Di Salvo had always been interested in wildlife and enjoyed being outdoors. He first considered a career in wildlife veterinary medicine while working as a park ranger in New York City before veterinary school....