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Green rice fields in Thakurdwara

On a sweltering monsoon afternoon in September 1994, I stepped out from a garish-painted bus in western Nepal, the driver pointing me south along a rough track threading off between vibrant green rice fields....
Tiger with Cubs


The Cornell Feline Health Center awarded a grant to continue investigations into the prevalence of canine distemper virus infection in the previously unstudied tiger populations of Indonesia, Thailand, India, and Nepal.

A project to help reduce the environmental impacts of livestock grazing in the Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan, while also benefiting snow leopard populations and local Pamir communities, received a grant from the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future.

Given their near supernatural reputation, it can be hard to distinguish the truth of the tiger from its mythology....
Far Eastern Leopard sitting on ground

The Far Eastern or Amur leopard (Panthera pardus orientalis), already among rarest of the world’s big cats, has now been found to face another threat: infection with canine distemper virus (CDV)....
Leopard lying on a hill around fallen leaves in autumn

In a new paper, Dr. Martin Gilbert and colleagues describe the first documented case of canine distemper virus in a wild Amur leopard. With only 80 Amur leopards estimated to be left in the wild, infectious disease can have devastating consequences.
Front-line responder with plastic horn

If you are a soccer fan you probably remember the penetrating drone of vuvuzelas that pervaded the stadiums of South Africa in the 2010 World Cup....
Asian wild dog standing in the wild.

Dawn breaks over a wide and acacia-studded savanna. In their wallows, the mud slathered buffalos blink sleepily at our passing, and the air is alive with the purr of zebra doves....