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Cynthia Hopf

Wildlife Veterinarian

As a wildlife veterinarian and Assistant Clinical Professor at the Janet L. Swanson Wildlife Hospital, Cindy spends her time treating wildlife patients, teaching in the clinic, and pursuing her interests in clinical research. Her clinical goals are to teach the highest quality medicine for the clinic's rotating DVM students, interns, and residents, and to ensure the best care for any patient that is presented to the hospital. She strives to be a resource for the DVM students while also assisting the community, wildlife rehabilitators, falconers, and any veterinarian seeking guidance regarding wildlife care.

Her clinical research interests include treatment of West Nile virus infections in birds of prey, the characterization of sarcoptic mange and development of diagnostics in North American porcupines, and the optimization of fracture management in avian species. Her goal is to apply the outcomes of this clinical research to future patients in order to improve patient care, diagnostic options, and medical or surgical intervention as appropriate.