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Scopes Annual Report

Now more than ever, animal and human health issues require solutions that span oceans and borders - and the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine is hard at work. Read about the impacts our faculty and staff, students, and alumni are having around the globe.
Javan Rhinos

There are only an estimated 68 Javan rhinos left on the planet, and Cornell is working with Indonesian partners to investigate disease threats and translocation techniques to help secure a future for this critically endangered natural treasure.
Javan rhino found on beach

Last month, rangers in Indonesia’s Ujung Kulon National Park found an adult male rhino dead on a beach. A necropsy determined the rhino’s death was due to complications from a twisted bowel, putting to rest fears of poaching or contagion.
Northern White Rhino

There is a genuine urgency regarding the fate of our planet's wildlife – including the world’s remaining rhinos. We need to recognize not only our own dependence on wild nature, but also that we need a more humble, enlightened sense of our own place in the world if we are to successfully halt and reverse the trends we face.
Javan forest

For Your Information

In Indonesia, Cornell Wildlife Health Center scientists and partners are monitoring potential disease threats to the critically endangered Javan rhino as plans move forward to expand their habitat.