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Gerenuks at White Oak Conservation Center

Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine alumnus, Zachary Dvornicky-Raymond ’15, DVM ’19, recently published a study in the Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine regarding validation of a portable, point-of-care test for pregnancy diagnosis in wild ungulates (hoofed mammals).
Vet student with rhino

At a critical time for the future of life on Earth, The College of Veterinary Medicine announces the establishment of the Cornell Wildlife Health Center. The new center focuses on catalyzing multidisciplinary collaboration to address wildlife health challenges worldwide, while immersing students in unique learning experiences at home and abroad.
A screenshot of the video showing Cleopatra, the Golden Retriever dog


How does the biobanking process work? This video, produced by the Cornell Veterinary Biobank, explains how!

After years of planning and months of implementation, the Cornell Veterinary Biobank has achieved international accreditation under a new global standard, making it the first biobank of any type to earn such a distinction.
A portrait of biobank director at an award ceremony

Cornell's Dr. Maria Castelhano was invited to participate in a global taskforce to standardize biobanking practices. Since most of the world's facilities are for human biobanks, Dr. Castelhano's presence ensured that biobanks which collect animal samples are represented.