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Earth Day 2022: Ways You Can Help Invest in Our Planet

Earth Day infographic on actions we can take to help the planet

Today is Earth Day! There are many ways to invest in our planet, and together, we can work to secure a healthier future for wildlife, people, and planet today and every day! Here are some actions you can take:

Drawing of a tree

Conserve our trees: Stand against deforestation and reduce your paper use to help fight climate change.

Drawing of a bee

Support our pollinators: Plant native flowers, trees, and bushes to help pollinators like bees and bats who pollinate our food crops. This also provides a habitat for other local wildlife.

Drawing of a container

Compost: Recycle organic matter in your home or backyard, or find a composting service in your area.

Drawing of a shopping bag

Reduce plastic use: Did you know that plastic bags can live up to 1,000 years at a landfill? Switch to reusable bags and bring your own utensils.

Drawing of an elephant

Protect our wildlife: Visit and support wildlife refuges, parks, and organizations, such as the Cornell Wildlife Health Center and many others, working to conserve our planet’s biodiversity and maintain healthy ecosystems.

Drawing of a running person

Collect trash while jogging: Participate in “The Great Global Cleanup” to make your town greener and cleaner for both wildlife and people!

Drawing of Planet Earth with "Invest in Our Planet" Earth Day 2022 text

Spread the word: Share this post with family and friends and include other suggestions you have for actions we can all help take!

Learn more about our conservation work at the Cornell Wildlife Health Center by exploring our programs or reading our Blogs from the Field.

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Content adapted from Earth Day: 52 Ways to Invest in Our Planet.

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