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Cornell Listservs & How to Join

Listservs related to wildlife, conservation, ecology, and/or pathogens that are available at Cornell University include:

Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Seminar:
Contact Tiffany Stauderman ( to be added to the list

Department of Natural Resources Graduate Student Association (DNR GSA) Listserv:
Contact James Goetz ( to be added to the list

Tropical Biology and Conservation:
Contact David Chang van Oordt ( to be added to the list

Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Disease Journal Club:

  • Send an email to:
  • Your subject line should be the single word: join  
  • The message body can be blank

Cornell Institute of Host-Microbe Interactions and Disease (CIHMID):

  • Send an email to and type “JOIN” in the subject line of the message
  • Leave the body of the message blank
  • The message must be sent from the email address at which you wish to receive the CIHMID e-list messages
  • ​If you have any issues with self-subscription, please contact Railey Jane Savage (

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (EEB):

  • To subscribe to the Seminar listserv for announcements of upcoming events, please send an e-mail to
  • The message should read:  SUBSCRIBE EANDSSEMINAR-L “Full Firstname Lastname”

Lab of Ornithology - Monday Night Seminar at 7:30pm: