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Planet Earth with a mask wrapped around the globe as if on a face

This issue shares some perspectives related to the pandemic crisis we find ourselves immersed in.
A baby turtle is examined before releasing into the wild

Read about turtle and snake rescues, transfrontier conservation success in southern Africa, chronic wasting disease prevention, white-nose syndrome in bats, and a new fungal disease in porcupines.
Dr. Noha Abou-Madi examines a Red panda at the Syracuse Zoo

Learn about our partnership with the Rosamond Gifford Zoo, predicting pathogens in endangered species, and the challenges facing marine biodiversity.
Student with Rhino

Watch our new video featuring Cornell vet students sharing their wildlife experiences, and read about our work on sharks, Hawai'ian birds, chronic wasting disease, and canine distemper virus.
Robin with a rhino

Read about our work with Javan rhinos, fisheries, apes, and tigers, and how we develop cutting-edge technology.
Tigers drinking from river.

This issue features wild carnivores, honeybees, bald eagles, a new clinic at Belize Zoo, planetary health, and exciting vet student wildlife adventures!
Fox in a meadow

This issue showcases NY Wildlife Watchers, Africa's great migrations, bobcat fever, planetary health, and invasive fish.
A Snowy Owl rests alongside a beach fence during a winter irruption event on Long Island, New York

Learn about hellbender salamanders, saving wild raptors, wildlife-friendly beef in Africa, and plastic pollution's impact on ocean diversity.
Cheetah in the wild

Find out about cattle, conservation and collaboration, how we save animals at our wildlife hospital, and students working on planetary health issues.
Elephant and baby in the wild

Our inaugural newsletter introduces the Wildlife Health Cornell Center of Excellence, and features stories on moose disease, planetary health, citizen science, and our work with the Belize Zoo.