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David reviewing chain of custody forms for our waterfowl contaminant research project.


As a former undergraduate researcher and now postgraduate research technician with the Cornell Wildlife Health Lab, I have mostly worked on a study of environmental contaminants in hunter-harvested waterfowl....
Melissa Fadden performing a rattlesnake necropsy.


My role within the lab is a complex balancing act of time management, project and sample organization, and managing our case data stream. I guide incoming diagnostic case submissions, manage research project samples and submissions, and help facilitate educational activities like wet labs and symposiums....
A young white-tailed deer buck against a green forest background..

With its first confirmed case in January 2022, Louisiana joined a growing club of more than 30 states that have detected chronic wasting disease in deer. Once this disease is discovered, it is extremely hard to eradicate, says Cornell's Dr. Krysten Schuler.
Golden-backed frog

When observing a hoard of golden-backed frogs at a roadside pond in India, a group of naturalists noticed something odd — one animal had a tiny mushroom sprouting out of its side. Cornell's Dr. Alyssa Wetterau Kaganer weighs in and finds the discovery fascinating.
Jennifer Bloodgood in the field.


Have you ever wondered about the journeys taken by certain wildlife veterinarians to get to where they are today? Recently, I had the privilege of chatting with Dr. Jennifer Bloodgood over coffee to delve into this very topic....
Sharks shown swimming in open water.

Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine announced a gift of $35 million to support the Cornell Wildlife Health Center, which has been renamed to the Cornell K. Lisa Yang Center for Wildlife Health in recognition of the scale of commitment to planetary health from the donor, Lisa Yang.
Drs. Schuler and Bloodgood visiting Kevin Hynes, DEC Wildlife Health Program leader, in Delmar for moose necropsies.


A new monthly “A Day in the Life of…” series by the Cornell Wildlife Health Lab features snapshots of the daily lives of various wildlife health team members. The January issue highlights wildlife disease ecologist and lab director Dr. Krysten Schuler.
K. Lisa Yang

A transformational gift from philanthropist and Cornell alumna K. Lisa Yang ’74 will endow and rename the Cornell Wildlife Health Center as the Cornell K. Lisa Yang Center for Wildlife Health at the College of Veterinary Medicine.
A buck white-tailed deer standing in a wooded area.

A new Cornell-led study shows that deer hunters were more likely to be swayed by social media messages about the potential risks of chronic wasting disease if they came from a source they believed aligned with their own views and values.
A Red Fox shown trotting in a field.

Cornell researchers have discovered coronaviruses in wild carnivores that had never been reported in these species before.