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A male dhole scans the forest to look for prey by Anish Andheria

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The endangered dhole is a medium-sized canid that was historically distributed widely across East, Central, South and Southeast Asia. This latest study shows signs of population recovery in various areas of Nepal and highlights the challenges they continue to face.
A gorilla in the forest.


Cornell veterinary student Carolina Baquerizo, DVM ‘24, came across this gorilla family while working with Conservation Through Public Health in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to assess the presence of salmonella in gorillas, livestock and people.
Beyond Fences presentation


A presentation by Dr. Steve Osofsky, Director of the Cornell Wildlife Health Center, at the National Academy of Sciences Board on Animal Health Sciences, Conservation, and Research Fall Board Meeting, Washington, D.C.
A small herd of elephants in a river.


Enjoy these beautiful wild elephants in Chobe National Park, Botswana - part of the KAZA (Kavango Zambezi) Transfrontier Conservation Area - where we're working to restore key wildlife migration corridors.
One Health ad showing a bear cub amongst flowers.


In this eCornell webinar, Dr. Steve Osofsky, Dr. Krysten Schuler, and Dr. Jennifer Bloodgood of the Cornell Wildlife Health Center at the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine share their experiences from the field and the lab to illustrate how the health of wildlife and our own health are inextricably linked.
Vulture flying close to the ground


Cornell's Dr. Martin Gilbert was interviewed for a Youth Geographic Association podcast about his journey into vulture conservation and ecology in Asia and Africa alongside his revolutionary research that tackled vulture population declines to help promote their recovery.
Carolina Baquerizo and team collecting fecal samples for the study

Working with primates is something I had avoided for a while. Most of my interest has been in southern Africa, with ungulates like giraffes, antelope, and pachyderms being my main focus. Yet I felt that, following the COVID-19 pandemic, learning more about wild primate health would be vital....
Daniel Foley with sheep in the Pamirs by Helen Lee.

At an altitude of 13,000 feet, I’m strangely captivated by the beads of water collected on the ceiling of my thin nylon shelter. An individual drop slowly swells and parts from its neighbors, plummeting down and crashing on the surface of my sleeping bag....
Ana Pantín with sheep in Tajikistan.

I vividly remember the night before I left for Tajikistan; I was nervous, excited, and utterly exhausted. I had just finished wrapping graduation gifts for my roommates and had just about moved everything out of where I was living for the last two years (including my bed)....
Camera trap image of an adult dhole

Six years ago, on a regular workday, I was sitting at my desk tagging photos from a camera trap survey. Late in the afternoon, a picture of an uncanny species baffled me. It looked somewhat like a domestic dog, but taller and longer-bodied....