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Cornell University

April 2023

Dr. Nate LaHue examines a sedated bear.


As the son of two veterinarians, Nate LaHue, DVM ’13, was exposed to veterinary medicine his whole life, though his interests never meshed with small animal practice. It was during his undergraduate years that he realized he could combine his interest in veterinary medicine with his passion for wildlife.
Annual Open House at the Veterinary College scene with family and staff.

A beloved tradition returned to Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine this past week. After a three-year, pandemic-induced hiatus, the college invited the community to its 54th annual Open House.
A tiger lying down on the forest floor.

For Your Information

The contraction of the global tiger population over the last 100 years into small, often isolated subpopulations has made them increasingly vulnerable to the impact of disease. Despite this, the health of wild tigers continues to be insufficiently funded and explored.